Geographical Location

Petrozavodsk, a capital of the Republic of Karelia, is a large industrial and cultural center of the Russian North-West.
In terms of its climatic conditions Karelia has been officially reckoned among Utmost Northern territories, with Petrozavodsk being located to the north of the major part of the European capitals.
Petrozavodsk is situated on the shores of Onega lake, one of the biggest inner lakes in Europe and has an access to the Baltic, Barents, White, Caspian and Black seas via the canals system.

Map of Karelia

  • + distance to Moscow 1091 km;
  • + distance to St. Petersburg 412 km;
  • + distance to the Russian-Finnish border 311 km
  • + distance to the Kizhi island 70 km
  • + distance to the first Russian spa "Matrsialnye Vody" 50 km
  • + distance to "Kivatch" waterfall and reserve 80 km

Population - 265 thousand people
City area - 135,0 sq. kilometers