Although Petrozavodsk is not a big city in terms of population, it possesses a set of characteristics, making Petrozavodsk a noticeable spot on the map of Russia. 
Many know Petrozavodsk as a capital of the Republic of Karelia - a land of forests and lakes, Russia's nature "pearl". But besides that, the city has a lot of other unique features. 
Petrozavodsk today is one of the 12 cities of European Russia hosting the acting Research Centers of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It is one of the 48 officially recognized "university towns" of Russia. Many of the city's innovations in the field of secondary education and work with young people have been adopted on the national level. 
The level of information technologies' development in Petrozavodsk is two times higher than the average figures for other Russian cities.
It is one of 15 cities in Russia possessing conservatory and offering a complete cycle of musical education. It is also one of the most "theatrical" city in Russia (4 theatres per 265 thousand population); folk culture is quite popular here as well. 
Petrozavodsk is a city of active international relations, a center of one of five Russian regions bordering the European Union. Petrozavodsk maintains contacts with 13 sister- and partner-cities in 11 countries of the world. 
Petrozavodsk is a city giving priority to business and entrepreneurship development. A share of citizens, employed in small and medium businesses reaches 37%. Trade and services are one of the most dynamic spheres of the city economy. 
It is a city of beautiful and active women - in the recent years young ladies from Petrozavodsk have been taking first prizes at the Russian beauty contests, in 2002 Svetlana Koroleva from Petrozavodsk was awarded a title of "Miss Europe"; women's public and non-governmental organizations are one of the most active in the city. 
Finally, Petrozavodsk is a northern city, demonstrating the bright features of Nordic mentality - calmness, benevolence, national and religious tolerance, thoughtfulness for nature. 
Petrozavodsk is truly beloved by its citizens and will create pleasant impression upon our guests. We try to promote different types of tourism, strive for becoming one of humanitarian (public, social, educational and cultural) "postindustrial" Russian centers, compete for the reputation of one of the country's cleanest city. We are looking to our future with optimism!