Hyperborea 2015

Statute on holding XIV International contest of Snow and Ice Sculptures in the framework of International Winter Festival “Hyperborea-2015’

Festival initiator: Petrozavodsk City Administration

Festival organizers:

Directorate of culture

Municipal cultural institution “City cultural house”

Venue: Onega Lakewalk, City of Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russia.

Time: February, 17-21 2015

The official awarding ceremony: February, 21, 2015 at 19.30

General provisions

Purposes and objectives:

Enlargement of cultural and business contacts between Union of Central and North-West cities of Russia, sister-cities and cities of 60-parallel.

Creating image of Petrozavodsk as center for cultural tourism

Support of creative work, stimulation of cultural recreation in winter time


Contest of Snow and Ice Sculptures has three nominations:

Snow scuplture,

Ice sculpture,

Snow sculpture for children.


Professional and amateur teams of max. 3 persons are invited for participation in the contest.

Contest terms

1.Order of submission and selection of applications:

Filled application form (attached) and sketch of proposed sculpture are required for participation in the contest.

Up to 10 teams may take part in each nomination according to the results of application selection. They receive official invitation.

The theme of sculptures is free.

Material support

Participants are provided with the following items:

8 ice blocks of 0.5х0.8х0,8 meters (ice sculpture),

cube of pressed snow 2.5х2.5х2.5 meters (snow sculpture),

cube of pressed snow of 1,5х1,5х1,5meters (snow sculpture for children),

possibility to get plugged to the electricity network (220 V)

leisure and warm area

transfer: railway station-hotel-railway station

accommodation (from 17.02 to 21.02.2015) for non-residents

two tea-breaks each day of work

three meals daily

Travel costs are covered by the participants or sending party


Teams are provided with shovels, staging and water storage. Additional tools required are to be brought along by the participants.

Lightening of the sculpture (fire, special lightening) is appreciated. Necessary equipment is provided on agreement with the organizer.


The jury, consisting of professional artists, sculptors, art specialists, mass media representatives, is selected for making the results of the contest.

Occupational safety

Every participant should have medical insurance and is responsible for his/her safety.

Criteria for evaluation of the contest works

compositional solution,

creating an artistic image,

plastic solution, with due account for the material’s frailty

the use of lightening


according to the contest results 1,2,3 places are awarded in each nomination; team-winners in nominations «snow sculpture» and «ice sculpture» receive money gift.

«Ice sculpture»:

1 place – 30 000 rubles

2 place– 25 000 rubles

3 place – 20 000 rubles

«Snow sculpture»:

1 place – 25 000 rubles

2 place – 20 000 rubles

3 place – 15 000 rubles

other participants and winners in nomination ”Snow sculpture for children” are awarded with special prizes and diplomas.

Filled application forms are to be sent until 24.12.2014 to ekaterina.shlapeko@petrozavodsk-mo.ru

Contact information:

+7 (814-2) 71-33-76, 71-33-75 – External relations department Petrozavodsk City Administration

fax: +7 (814-2) 78-49-47

E-mail: erd@petrozavodsk-mo.ru

+7 (814 2) 71 34 42 – Directorate of culture

E-mail: uk@petrozavodsk-mo.ru