Hyperborea 2016. Results.

The jubilee XV contest of Snow and Ice sculptures took place in Petrozavodsk within the Hyperborea Winter festival. Participants from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan competed in creating ice and snow figures. A small ice copy of the Preobrazhenskaya (Transfiguration) church dedicated to the 50 jubilee of Kizhi Open-air Museum was set near Petrozavodsk City Administration and became a greeting point for the Festival guests. 

102 participants of the Snow and Ice sculptures’ contest created 35 masterpieces. The winners are teams from St.Petersburg and Petrozavodsk.

A number of other activities attracted many citizens and guests. The snowmen competition "Sneg.Com.Ru" collected 56 family teams. A part of the Festival was a fishermen contest - the luckiest catch was 370 grams, the smallest one - 40 grams. 1300 guests of the Festival tasted Hyperborean fish soup which was so delicious that disappeared in less than 1 hour. In "Fire & Ice" carnival column marched 19 teams of creative young people – more than 1,000 schoolchildren, colleges’ and university students, representatives of sports and public organizations.

"Fiery sky" - a magnificent final fireworks effect has caused excitement and joy of the public.