The sports city

Competitions in 67 sports, health and fitness events for different age and social categories — festivals, thematic events, and athletic races, take place in Petrozavodsk. The most popular sports among the people of Petrozavodsk are football (soccer), aerobics, dancesport, volleyball, basketball, ski racing, track and field, swimming, kyokushinkaikan karate, ping pong.

Actively developing sports are kiting, alpine skiing, karting, yachting. New sports and disciplines are gaining ground — sport climbing, snowboarding, mountain biking, American football.

Petrozavodsk is the place for pan-Russian mass participation sports events “Russian Azimuth”, “Ski Trail of Russia”, “Nations’ Cross-country Race”, “Orange Ball”. On such Health Days, thousands of people in the city come to take part and get involved in sports. Petrozavodsk also hosts large national sports competitions — the traditional Onega Sailing Regatta, the national ping pong tournament “Young Onezhets”, the Northwestern Federal District track and field, wushu, sports aerobics, fitness aerobics, boxing, skiing competitions.

The Petrozavodsk and Karelian sport is famous for the fellow sportsmen, including Olympic athletes: skiers F. Terentiev, L. Lazutina, E. Medvedeva, biathletes V. Drachyov, V. Sashurin, ski jumper Yu. Ivanov, Nordic combined athlete N. Gusakov, basketball player A. Makeev, shooting athlete V. Postoyanov, speed skater S. Khlebnikov, field and track athletes A. Moruev, A. Smirnov, and others.

International regatta of sailing yachts “Onego” may be considered the city’s sport visiting card on the national level.

Highest achievements have been demonstrated by Petrozavodsk sportsmen in sambo, orienteering, table tennis, track and field athletics, go game.

The largest popular sport event is the winter skiing festival “Winter Fountains”, gathering over 5 000 citizens every year.

Ski Trail Calling to Fontany

A very popular mass participation competition in Petrozavodsk is the “Ski Trail Calling to Fontany”.

The winners of the competition are those who have skied the trail in the forest at the Fontany locality (the fountains) at least 12 times over the winter. The trail is a 25 km long loop. On weekends, the families, school classes, student group coming to the trail may amount to 4 000 people altogether.

Ski Trail of Russia

Jubilee 10th “Ski Trail of Russia” was organized on February 14, 2016.  In spite of the warm weather there were more than 2500 participants.

Everyone has a chance to choose a suitable distance. The most popular ones were 5 and 10 km. The most difficult happened to be 500 m distance as it was prepared for children - not all of them were skillful enough. Mass start was for all who just wanted to enjoy comfortable skiing for 3 km.

City “walruses”

The Victoria winter swimming club has operated for more that 20 years. Since its foundation the club has been chaired by the USSR Master of Sport I.N. Zholudeva.

The members of the club actively promote the healthy life style, and have initiated some events that have become traditional: “Christmas Swimming”, “Theophany Swimming”, “Autumn Swimming”.

Exhibition swimming of “walruses” (nickname for winter swimmers in Russia) has added zing to the Hyperborea winter festival.

The club members represent Petrozavodsk quite effectively in the traditional “Festival of the North”, in the national winter swimming sports championship, in marathon swimming.


The Petrozavodsk kiting club Ugol Ataki (angle of attack) was founded in 2002 by a group of snowkiting and kitesurfing enthusiasts. In 2003, the city hosted the national snowkiting competition “Onego Cup”. Although quite young, the competition has become a milestone event in the Petrozavodsk sports life.

Snowkiting is booming owing to the location of the city. The Petrozavodsk Bay of Lake Onega is one of the best places in Russia for such extreme sports competitions.

Onega Sailing Regatta

Late in July every year Russia’s largest Onega Sailing Regatta – the open national championship among cruisers yachts, is held on Lake Onega waters.

The Onega Regatta is by virtue one of the most prestigious yachting competitions in Russia.

The regatta first took place in 1972, when eight yachts took off for the only 100-mile race. The race on the expanses of Europe’s second largest lake is now held in several stages with short breaks inbetween in Petrozavodsk or villages along the shore. Over nearly a fortnight the yachtsmen cover around 350 nautical miles. Crews from Karelia, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Tver, Samara and other Russian cities, as well as from the neighbouring Finland race in the regatta on Lake Onega.

In 2012 the traditional cruiser component of the regatta included yachts of classes Quarter Ton, Open 800, 32 ft, IOR, and Dragons.


.New sport objects in Petrozavodsk

“Koral” Sport Hall

“H2O” Swimming Pool

“Lumi” Sport Complex


Results of sport and physical culture development in Petrozavodsk in 2015 and plans for 2016 may be seen in presentation below.

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